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Probatch technical Features 

Information on the techincal components of Probatch for operators, engineers and managers with good understanding of batching control system operation.

Memory Capacity Many PLC’s don’t cater for large memory requirements. Probatch stores all information necessary for production on the PLC layer (as well as in the database) ensuring rdundancy and security of data. I/O Large range of local, remote and distributed I/O to match any installation. All I/O to IEC61131 standards. Communications Support for Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus DP, Ethernet Powerlink, many serial based PLC protocols (eg. Modbus, DH485) Speed Fast processing system enables to control software to react within configurable time slices ensuring predictable and consistent results. No need to replace infrastructure when adding more features. HMI Large range of HMI options. Touch, TFT, LCD, Colour, B&W, 2 lines x 40 through to 19″ displays. Development Environment The single and comprehensive development environment enables all features of the Probatch control software to be modified or monitored using the one integrated piece of software. Remote Access All Probatch control software can be accessed, monitored and modified remotely via the internet and Virtual private networking (VPN).
Fully Animated All plant equipment is displayed with an animations that quickly shows different equipment status and product flow. Open, Configurable, Expandable AVI files, Bitmaps and Windows controls. Comprehensive AVI and Bitmap library. All configuration stored in open database, complete configuration tools, on-line editing, back end licensing and configuartion are all that is required to add additional clients. Each workstations has identical software and can switch roles with simple configuration. Visualisation Options Multiple monitors, Touch screens, Thin Clients Customisable Security Hide Screens from certain users Hide screens on certain workstations Allow/Deny all user functions Trending Fully customisable trending facility Real-time and Historical data analysis Cursors and zooming functions Object Orientated Access parameters, common functions, manual commands, hours run and fault statistics, alarm information and I/O connection information all from the context of the device that is selected by the mouse.
Back End
Database Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Included reports written in Crystal Reports. Access the database using any report writing tool of your choice
PC Components
1-2 users 2 x Workstation spec PC both carrying the database and rich Probatch client for redundancy. 2-5 users Option 1: Server with redundant disks running terminal services and database server and Probatch rich clients. Up to 5 x Thin clients access the terminal server with Remote Desktop. Option 2: Server with redundant disks running database server. Probatch rich clients on standard business spec PCs. 5-25 users Call PDA Android-based, connecting to server.
Other Features
Windows and SQL Server Microsoft has provided many different data protection and disaster recovery options in Microsoft SQL Server. Options include: off-site log shipping, database mirroring and replication. Windows Server operating systems provide for fail-over clusteirng for true hardware and software redundancy. Probatch Probatch rich clients can be configured to only perform some or all funcitons of the overall system. So as soon as you have two Probatch clients either one can perform the tasks of the other will small configuration changes.
Standard Features
Raw Materials Qty: Unlimited; Lot Tracking; Potency calculations; Import from external system. Formulations Qtf: Unlimited; Import from least cost package, Versioning system; Machine Paremeters. Job Scheduling Qty: Unlimited; Arrange via delivery date, sales order, production order; Pause, Stop, Schedule and Continue functionality; Online and real-time substitutions; Adjustment journals. Inventory Double entry system to the lot level; Transaction based; Import form external system; Stocktake; Production Loss calculations; General Journal entries; Stock transfers; Future usage calculations; Raw material receival; Finished Product dispatch; Engineering Parameterisation All parameters in the control system are accessible in the GUI (with suitable permissions); Help and allowable ranges available for each parameter; Changes are logged; Alarming System and Control system alarms; Real time and historical displays and reports; statistics are kept mapping alarms to the devices and dunctions that generated them for analysis. Alarms are also tagged to individual batches and production runs for analysis;
Control Software

Languages All control software is written in IEC 61131 languages with all control system I/O and interlocking in Ladder Logic for easy diagnosis by your electrician. Manual Functions All devices may be controlled in manual mode from the GUI, high and low levels may be overriden. Interfacing ERP systems, accountancy systems, weigh indicators, bagging machines, third party press extruder and expander controllers, palletisers, throughput weighers etc…
System Lifecycle

Upgrade path Probatch is continually updated with improvements and fixes that can be patched to any older system ensuring your investment stands the test of time.


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