automated batching system

An automated batching system automates the production process and is a fundamental part of any production company.


Automated Batching System

An automated batching system automates the production process and is a fundamental part of any production company. Our world leading automated batching system ensures operations flow smoothly as it monitors each part of the production process meticulously. Not only will the system measure stock levels and outputs precisely, but also help reduce waste and improve the site safety for your personnel.

Additionally, our automated batching system allows you to create new recipes, edit existing recipes and integrate third party recipes. With the help of Probatch you can ensure your production runs efficiently and safely which increases your business’ profitability. Sounds good? Let’s get started!

automated batching system

Probatch identifies opportunities for batching system improvement

Propbatch automated batching system ensures you have full control over production with live data and information from every area of the factory. However, where Probatch really excels is in its intuitive ‘learning’ capabilities. Our automated batching system can easily identify possible areas of improvement in your production process and implement these for future production runs. This way, you can increase your business’ profitability by reducing waste and a production line that is as effective as possible. 


Automated Batching System Features

The technical features in our automated batching system includes: Single & Multiple Bin Discharges, Reporting, Shift Planning, Internal Picking Lists, Inflight Compensation, Real-Time Bin Inventory Checks, Job Inventory Checks, Real-Time Substitution & Addition, Just In Time “topping-up”, Pre-Preparation of premix and, End Of Batch Flush. Read more about these features here



Do you want to improve your production facilities with a world-class system?


An automated batching system is incredibly beneficial to any production company. There are many benefits to streamline your processes with Probatch. One of which is our expert 24/7 support team. We have built a reputation as an industry leader in customer service and support.

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Speak with the Bitwise engineers about their flagship automated control systems unrivalled output, efficiency and automation engineering Australia. These are just some of the benefits Probatch will deliver for your operation. 

automated batching system

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