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Batching Module 

The automated batching system is the cornerstone of every operation and is vital to your stock control & output. Our automated batching system is highly accurate and ensures that stock levels and output are precisely measured, ensuring efficiency and reducing waste. The automated batching system also allows you to create new recipes, edit existing recipes and integrate third party recipes. You can also easily set up production and storage of bulk formulation, ready to simply cook and dispatch.

With cutting edge tracking and reporting, this automated batching system is a must have feature for managing your operation efficiently and profitably.

With intuitive, automated system setup and controls, the automated batching system ensures that everything runs smoothly and accurately. With highly accurate biosecurity measures and tracking, you will know exactly what ingredients are in each batch and lot making any future recalls or quality control checks simple and efficient.

Probatch’s automation engineering will also increase both the speed and accuracy of weighing materials for production, speak with all other areas of the network and show you exactly what batch each area of the factory is working on. However, where Probatch really excels is in its intuitive ‘learning’ capabilities. The automated batching system can easily identify areas for improvement and implement them for future production runs. For example, adjusting weights of raw product to reduce wastage and increase yield. The system will also quickly and efficiently switch from one job to another as soon as a particular ingredient runs out, greatly increasing efficiency.

automated batching system
automated batching system
automated batching system

Some of the other technical features of the batching module are:

Single & Multiple Bin Discharges. This advanced automated batching system can draw from multiple bins based on inventory and parameters. An example can be seen in our video below 0.24 – 0.27 seconds where the system switches from 3 augers to 1 auger to complete the discharge.  

Reporting. Managers and operators can print end of day batch reports to check accuracy, time of batching, yield percentage and easily reorganise intake for materials that have low holdings or are depleted.

Shift Planning. Plan production output quantities based on dispatch schedules.

Internal Picking Lists. For collation operations.

Inflight Compensation. The system regularly improves weighing accuracy and feed forward adjustments to ensure optimal production yield and speed.

Real-Time Bin Inventory Checks. The system automatically detects when a bin is empty and finds an alternate bin of the same product to keep production going. It will even work to replace the empty bin’s inventory for example, by initiating a grinder to grind new product into the empty bin. Each product code is mapped to a bin, and it can even map multiple product codes to the same bin (bulk recipe storage).

Job Inventory Checks. Protect yourself against stock shortages with real-time job inventory checking. The system calculates current stock as well as in-progress jobs to determine future holdings and forewarn you of potential shortages.

Real-Time Substitution & Addition. Effortlessly substitute an out of stock ingredient or add an ingredient when a batch is already in progress. Our automated batching system prevents most situations where the operator would otherwise go to manual. The system will record and store all substitutions to ensure you know exactly what is in each batch and lot.

Just In Time “topping-up”. Keep supply to your pellet press & mash line supply bins topped up by batching multiple jobs at the same time. The system can use multiple header bins per press with high and low levels and/or use the usage rate via the press feeder screw in order to determine batching requirements. Needs information from a finished product and pellet press system.

Pre-Preparation of premix. Add bag tip and manual ingredients offline. Can be integrated with barcode scanners as well.

End Of Batch Flush. The system can automatically run a flush at the end of each formulation run (or Job) based on customer defined rules.

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automated batching system

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