Probatch Architecture

An advanced suite of automation, GUI and database software. 














General System Control Information


PROBATCH – is a process automation control system to control and monitor all facets of your Mill, Factory, Plant, or Operation. ProBatch consists of “Stand Alone” modules like feedmill control & batch control systems, which can be supplied as a single unit that can be expanded or integrated to give full plant control.

The Probatch batching system is the heart of the system and we believe is the most advanced on the market. It meets the needs and requirements of an ideal batch control system and feedmill system in a very practical and user-friendly way. It includes many features and facilities. Most important is that it is truly flexible so that it can be “tuned” to meet your specific requirements.

Automation Control is wholly controlled by the PLC, independent of the SCADA. Should the Computer fail or lock-up, the process will continue. All Control, Storage and History will be performed by the PCC and downloaded to the Computer when it comes back on line.

All plant control is performed on the PLC layer. The PLC stores all necessary information in order to complete its task and is independent of the PC layer once it is told to make a job. If the PC system was to lose power etc, the PLC continues to make batches until it runs out of jobs to perform. If the PLC loses power it remembers exactly what state it was in before the power down.


The Probatch Hardware components…

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Control Software

The control software component of Probatch performs the operation of the plant. It provides the interface between the machinery and Graphical User Interface.… 

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Graphical User Interface

The graphical user interface or GUI allows the operator to interact with and control the plant….

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Database Platform

Probatch uses Microsoft SQL Server as its back end. Microsoft SQL server provides a robust and speedy solution to the most demanding control system requirements…. 

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See examples of some of the reports Probatch can generate. Specific reports can also be generated to suite specific needs…

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Example of Probatch Hardware Architecture 

Below is an example of a simple Probatch hardware architecture diagram which shows how each component is connected and how they communicate within your operation. 

Real Time Probatch Dashboard 

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