User friendly tracking of incoming raw materials ready for weighing and transfer to the correct storage location. 

Intake and Transfer

Intake and transfer is the process of receiving raw materials and getting them into your storage locations.

The intake module maintains inventory of all raw materials. Inventory may be stored by product or by product and lot in a first in first out structure. All transfers are checked to ensure that source and destination products match. All intake operations are logged for review and inventory transactions recorded. Intake operations from bags / boxes / drums can be performed with a PDA (with barcode scanner) or barcode scanner and HMI.

Usage of the barcode scanning functions prevents incorrect products being put into incorrect bins.

Automatic Top Up of Raw Material Bins

Get more productivity out of your workforce by allowing the Probatch to automatically transfer raw materials between your internal storage bins.

Probatch has a unique algorithm to analyse your current and upcoming production schedule and current processing rate to determine the best use of resources. Utilising either analogue or digital level indication, throughput weighers, batch weighers and machine speeds, the intake module can minimise the bottle necks in the process to keep the rated processing, pellet press, expander and extruder machinery operating at their full potential.

It also includes grain processing via hammer mills and rolling operations and internal transfers.

Real Time Probatch Dashboard 

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STreamline your operations with Probatch

Speak with the Bitwise engineers about their flagship automated control systems unrivalled output, efficiency and automation engineering Australia. These are just some of the benefits Probatch will deliver for your operation. 

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