Unparalleled reporting and tracking including PMS&I, real-time inventory tracking and shift planning and more. 

Product Management & Inventory Control (


Our state of the art PMS&I system is capable of:

– Raw material and formulation editing with versioning, aliasing and heirarchical grouping – Shift planning – Real-time inventory checking – Automatic bin top ups based on production schedule – Extensive inventory checking – Continuous inventory updates for both finished goods and raw materials – Double entry inventory system with general journal entires and stock take functions on product and lot – Raw material receival in bulk, capable of much more than just a weighbridge – Bag/box/drum recieval with barcode labelling (doesn’t require a weighbridge) – Finished product dispatch in bulk, capable of much more than just a weighbridge – Bag/box/drum dispatch with barcode labelling and delivery dockets (doesn’t require a weighbridge) – Lot number & batch number tracking


Log all your data for analysis and QA.

Log bag weights, weighbridge tickets or any data by serial integration.

Online Integration To Foss Machine Results

Quickly identify manufacturing problems before delivery to the customer. Analyse and store any number of samples for any number of nutrients. Correlate sample information with manufacturing records. Allow action on “out of specification” products.

Real Time Probatch Dashboard 

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STreamline your operations with Probatch

Speak with the Bitwise engineers about their flagship automated control systems unrivalled output, efficiency and automation engineering Australia. These are just some of the benefits Probatch will deliver for your operation. 

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