Seamless integration and communication with all your current systems making installation and ongoing operation simple. 

Client System Integrations

The beauty of using Probatch in either seperate modules or a complete system it’s ERP integration capability and integration with any other third party systems/products. 

Using the SQL database as the primary interface, the system integrates to your operation with the extra option for CSV & Text File as an interface method. Essentially, we have a fully documented system that shows your other system providers how to transfer data in and out of Probatch. 

Third Party Systems To Post:

– Raw Materials and Details – Formulations  – Work Orders – Sales Orders – Raw Material Contracts – Customer and Supplier Details

Third Party System To Query

– Raw Material Usages – Raw Material Transfers – Finished Goods Production – Finished Goods Transfer and much more…

You can also import formulations from numerous least cost formulation programs. For example, import formulations as text files, ERP, Format and Feedmania. 

We are called the ‘Flexible Control System’ for a reason, we can work with whatever systems and software formats you currently have and want to continue using. 

Real Time Probatch Dashboard 

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STreamline your operations with Probatch

Speak with the Bitwise engineers about their flagship automated control systems unrivalled output, efficiency and automation engineering Australia. These are just some of the benefits Probatch will deliver for your operation. 

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