Feed mill control system

Our modular system is customiseable after your production size.


Feed Mill Control System

Animal feed production can be complex and should be monitored effectively through a well-developed feed mill control system. Our system is a state of the art batching system that is flexible, easy to use, and completely customisable depending on your requirements. There are many benefits of an automated feed mill control system, including enhanced workers’ safety, increased accuracy, risk reductions, and more. If you would like to learn more about the benefits, have a read at this article or give us a call.

feed mill control system

Probatch Feed Mill Control System

We provide an advanced suite of advanced technology that ensures your operations run smoothly, no matter the production size. Probatch is a completely modular system, which means it can handle certain parts of, or your entire, production process. The modules that you can use for your feed mill control system are: 

Weighbridge – Monitor the exact amount of product deliveries through our Graphical, User Interface, or use the CCTV to see live deliveries. 

Intake – Track deliveries of raw materials in real time that integrates inventory and invoicing with an easy-to-use system for delivery drivers.

Batching – Our automated batching system ensures that this critical process is done effectively and efficiently. The system ensures stock levels and output are precisely measured and efficient waste reduction. 

Pelleting and Extruder Controls – Our control systems reduce startup times,  downtime and increase productivity.

Other Technical Features – Our other technical features include PLC & HMI, User Interface, Back End, PC Components, System Redundancy, Data Security, and much more. 

Tracking and Reporting – Our systems allow you to track output, conduct shift planning, real time inventory tracking, resource planning, formulation editing, and much more. 

Integration – We can efficiently integrate and communicate with all your current systems, ensuring a seamless installation and ongoing operations.  

Dispatch and Outloading – Our system can help you seamlessly plan and monitor dispatches/outloading including providing comprehensive reports. 



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There are many benefits to streamline your processes with Probatch. One of which is our expert 24/7 support team. We have built a reputation as an industry leader in customer service and support. Contact our friendly Probatch team today.

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