Pellet Press & Extruder Controls

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Pellet Press & Extruder Control Modules

This module has a host of features that will help improve the efficiency of your operation and ensure optimal function with minimal downtime.

Auto Adjusting PID.
Dramatically reduces the chances of causing an overload which may damage your equipment and cause delays and reduced output. This feature automatically controls the amount of product that enters the machine to ensure it constantly runs at the most optimal speed and energy consumption.

 Parameters Stored Globally or As Per Formulation.
As tuning parameters are created for a job or particular formulation, they are automatically stored for ease of use in the future.

Temperature Control & Feed Forward Feeder Compensation.
Ensures optimal operating conditions with intuitive temperature control.

Liquid Additions.
Adjust the moisture levels of formulations and add additional liquids during the cooking process.

Consumable Parts Tracking.
Let Probatch track which consumable parts are due for replacement. By keeping track of running time and recommended replacement schedules for items like dies, rollers, cones and bearings, you can effortlessly plan maintenance and avoid costly down time for repairs. 

Probatch stores running data so you can analyse your equipment performance, output and identify areas for improvement.

Unique Algorithm.
Our unique algorithms detect inefficiencies in the system and reduce start up times, increase efficiency and ultimately increase output.

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