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 Probatch Support – Powered By Bitwise

We have engineers on standby to support your site around the clock. 

Our team can assist remotely with a host of issues including breakdowns. Some common fixes we regularly assist with is:

– Assist with equipment bypass so production can continue until our engineers can conduct full troubleshooting.

– PLC controller issues and network problems. 

– During work hours, adding program changes and coding to add/remove functions, change order or operations or set a new staff member profile. 

– Over the phone troubleshooting where our engineers can instruct on-site staff on what equipment is faulty and potential fixes.

– Ongoing training for operators.

– Installation of new features as Probatch updates and improves.

– Use of Probatch systems to help identify issues with factory equipment, electrical systems and run diagnostics.

– We can talk to onsite contractors and trades to assist in fixing issues. 


Automation Engineering Australia
Automation Engineering Australia


Automation Engineering Australia

Phone: +61 7 3209 6055

Automation Engineering Australia

Address: 1/66 Commercial Drive, Shailer Park QLD 4128

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Speak with the Bitwise engineers about their flagship automated control systems unrivalled output, efficiency and automation engineering Australia. These are just some of the benefits Probatch will deliver for your operation. 

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