ProBatch The Flexible Control System
ProBatch Module
Probatch Miscellaneous Tools

Moisture optimisation programs

Measure moisture and implement corrective action.

Machinery Parts register

Track hours run and throughput of consumable parts like dies, rollers, cones, bearings etc..

Formulation Import

Import formulations from generic text files, ERP, Format, and Feedmania.


Log data for analysis and QA;

Log bag weights, weighbridge tickets, or any data via serial communications.

Online integration to Foss machine results

Quickly identify manufacturing problems before delivery to the customer;

Analyse and store any number of samples for any number of nutrients;

Correlate sample information with manufacturing records;

Allow action on "out of specification" products.

Reporting Tool

Thin reporting client for deployment to people who need reports but not the full Probatch GUI.

WYSIWYG Finished Goods Label Editor

Create you own lables with a "What you see is what you get" label editor;

Integrates into Probatch to stop double entry of labelling information into a third part application.