ProBatch The Flexible Control System
ProBatch General
ProBatch Control Software

The control software component of Probatch performs the operation of the plant. It provides the interface between the machinery and Graphical user interface.

IEC-61131 compatible: Control Software written in IEC-61131 compatible languages so that engineers can easily adapt their skills to the Probatch platform;

Electrician friendly: Ladder logic used for all interlocking and I/O handling for easier interrogation and diagnosis by electricians;

Remotely Accessible: All software written for the control system is remotely accessible for modification and monitoring;

Robust: All Probatch features and operation procedures are tried and tested in many plants;

Easily Configurable: Drag and drop editing, self generating code;

Flexible and Adaptable : Switches to turn on/off features; User accessible parameters to adapt to physical situations.