ProBatch The Flexible Control System

Feedmill Control System

At Probatch we are the feedmill control system experts. Our automated control systems deliver the control and the functionality you need. What’s more, we tailor the control system so that it suits your operational set up, processes and outputs. Each and every operation is different and we ensure that the feedmill control system is perfectly calibrated for your needs.

The feedmill control system comes with full module integration and we have a range of different modules available for control batching, such as intake grain processing, pelleting, weighbridge, finished product, purchase ordering, outloading as well as sales orders and inventory management.

The overall system architecture has three separate components:

  • B&R PLC for switching and control
  • PC Graphical User Interface software in the automation control system to allow the operator to interact, direct and extract information from the process;
  • Relational Database Management software to enable quick and reliable access to all the real-time and historical plant data.

With years of experience our feedmill control systems are the best in the industry, delivering reliability and consistency. We have a rigorous process that ensures all our systems are built to last. More and more mills are turning to Probatch to supply leading components and systems for their operations.


Feedmill control system