ProBatch The Flexible Control System
ProBatch Features
ProBatch Features


  • Automatic machine supply bin top-ups
  • Single product multiple bin discharges
  • DOL, VSD and Two speed control
  • Liquids
  • Real-time ingredient substitution and addition
  • Real-time inventory checking and updating
  • Automatic anti-contamination routines - checking and flushing


  • In-built reports created in Crystal Reports
  • Export reports to Word, PDF, Excel, HTML
  • More than 50 standard reports
  • Write your own reports in your choice of tool

Biosecurity with Barcoding

  • PDAs, Mobile scanners, Label printers, Ditibuted HMIs
  • Control and validate bin fill operations, ingredient collation, manual weigh ups
  • Store product codes, lot/batch numbers, bag sizes, potency in your labels
  • Ensure no shortcuts are taken

Inventory Control

  • Control all receival and dispatch from your site
  • Maintain inventory on a product lot basis or just
  • Double entry inventory system
  • Internal "unattended" bin top ups via internal storage or processing machinery. Calculates Bin TTL (time to live) from a weighted upcoming production schedule and current batching rates to best utilise processing resources.
  • Future usage functions
  • Stocktaking and Balance adjustment

Other Tools & Modules

  • Weighbridge
  • Interface to Enterprise Resource Planning software (SAP, Axapta, BPCS, etc...)
  • Least cost formulation importer
  • Online interface Foss NIR machine results
  • WYSIWYG Label Editor
  • Machinery parts tracker
  • Moisture optimisation


  • Fully animated with AVI files (audio visual interface)
  • Open and Configurable - edit toolbar, customise your screens or draw new ones
  • Access engineering parameters, alarms, statistics all from the picture/animation of the object itself
  • Trending with historical logging, zooming, printing, configurable pens and pages
  • Configurable Users and Security Privileges with logging
  • Engineering parameters with help and info display
  • Alarms with status and history

Machine Control

  • Pellet Press, Extruder, Expander, Dryer Cooler, Hammermill and Rollermill controls
  • Local Operator stations
  • Feed forward temperature compensation algorithm
  • Liquid addition
  • Consumable Parts tracking (dies, rollers, cones, plates) Historical and Real-time Trending