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What is Probatch?

Probatch is a suite of software to control and manage batch plants. It has application in stockfeed milling, stockfeed premix, concrete batching, and speciality grouts and mortars batching, so far ...

Probatch started development in 1989. Probatch is applicable to any process control or batching plant operation. It essentially provides all necessary functions such as, inventory control, recipe management, least cost formulation, scheduling, batch tracking, data exchange with ERP systems, animated GUI, but to name a few, and of course performs the physical tasks required. Systems have been installed through Asia pacific and continued software development ensures that Probatch keeps pace with current trends within the control and IT industries.

Why Probatch?

Are you are comparing Probatch to a generic SCADA / PLC pair? Probatch has many inbuilt features in relation to product handling and processing; shift and formulation management that are all tested in application. In order to duplicate these functions in a generic SCADA / PLC pair would be both cost prohibitive and error prone.

Where is Probatch installed?

Probatch is controlling plants in:

  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • China

Can I see Probatch in action?

Please contact to arrange a plant visit in your area.

How easy is it to implement and how long would the plant be down for?

If you already have a plant and it has some form of electrical control system already installed:

  1. Probatch batching can be installed and commissioned in a two day shutdown;
  2. Probatch pelleting can be installed and commissioned in a two day shutdown;
  3. Probatch intake can be installed and commissioned in a two day shutdown;
  4. Any two of the above can be installed in a three day shutdown.

If you have a new plant generally the installation will take much longer as equipment is not tried and tested.

Can I get a quick budget quote on a Probatch system for my plant?

In order to get a quick price on a Probatch, please submit the following information:

  1. Plant Schematic (can be hand drawn) detailing plant flow and major equipment;
  2. A short list of notes on the add-ons you may require, (eg. Weighbridge, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Despatch, barcoding, mobile PDA etc...);
  3. Plant location;
  4. Any special requirements.