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ProBatch Module

Batching Control System Module

Batching control systems are one of the most valuable assets to your stock control. Ensuring that all stock, inventory and output is tracked with precise control is of utmost importance and can help you save money.

Some features of our batching control system are as follows:

Single Product Multiple Bin discharges.

Drawing from multiple bins based on inventory and parameters.

Real-time bin inventory checks (Run out of product, Grinder starting to grind into a bin, Batching control system will find the new inventory stock in real-time). Mapping of product codes to Bins in real-time. Multiple product codes per bin.

Job Inventory checks in real-time. Stock usage calculations from in-progress jobs are used to determine to warn of stock shortfalls.

Real-time ingredient substitution and addition. Substitute ingredients when the batch is already in progress. Our batch control system prevents most situations where the operator would otherwise go to manual. All substitutions are recorded.

Just In Time “topping-up” of pellet press supply bins and mash line by batching multiple jobs at the same time. System can use multiple header bins per press with high and low levels and/or use the usage rate via the press feeder screw in order to determine batching requirements. Needs information from a finished product and pellet press system.

Pre-Preparation of premix, bag tip, and manual ingredients offline. Can be integrated with barcode scanners similar to a premix plant.

VSD, Two-Speed and DOL (all with jogging functionality) can be used for bin discharges. Any combination is also possible.

Control inherent ingredient addition orders

Track the usage of the current ingredient in Manual mode. Record inventory changes from manual operation of any batching bin/tank discharge at any time.

Automatic flush batch created at the end of a formulation run (or Job) based on customer defined rules.

Contamination checking per ingredient group or formulation group.

Manual Ingredients operator interface panel, showing current ingredient to add, all ingredient this batch, next job ingredients etc.

Manual Ingredients PDA, showing current ingredient to add, all ingredient this batch, next job ingredients etc.

Batching control system