ProBatch The Flexible Control System
ProBatch Features

ProBatch Automation Control Systems Features

ProBatch will work with you to determine exactly your processing requirements. Our automation control systems utilize the latest measurement techniques while being able to be monitored by the latest technology. From managing a weighbridge to precise batching control systems, Probatch will have a solution for you that will be delivered with a full GUI for easy management.


  • Automatic control systems for machine supply bin top-ups
  • Single product multiple bin discharges
  • DOL, VSD and Two speed control
  • Liquids
  • Real-time ingredient substitution and addition
  • Real-time inventory checking and updating
  • Automatic anti-contamination routines - checking and flushing


  • In-built reports created in Crystal Reports
  • Export reports to Word, PDF, Excel, HTML
  • More than 50 standard reports generated from our automation control systems.
  • Write your own reports in your choice of tool

Biosecurity with Barcoding

  • PDAs, Mobile scanners, Label printers, Ditibuted HMIs
  • Control and validate bin fill operations, ingredient collation, manual weigh ups
  • Store product codes, lot/batch numbers, bag sizes, potency in your labels
  • Ensure no shortcuts are taken

Inventory Control

  • Control all receival and dispatch from your site
  • Maintain inventory on a product lot basis or just
  • Double entry inventory system
  • Internal "unattended" bin top ups via internal storage or processing machinery. Our automation control system calculates Bin TTL (time to live) from a weighted upcoming production schedule and current batching rates to best utilise processing resources.
  • Future usage functions
  • Stocktaking and Balance adjustment

Other Tools & Modules

  • Weighbridge
  • Interface to Enterprise Resource Planning software (SAP, Axapta, BPCS, etc...)
  • Least cost formulation importer
  • Online interface Foss NIR machine results
  • WYSIWYG Label Editor
  • Machinery parts tracker
  • Moisture optimisation


  • Fully animated with AVI files (audio visual interface)
  • Open and Configurable - edit toolbar, customise your screens or draw new ones
  • Access engineering parameters, alarms, statistics all from the picture/animation of the object itself
  • Trending with historical logging, zooming, printing, configurable pens and pages
  • Configurable Users and Security Privileges with logging
  • Engineering parameters with help and info display
  • Alarms with status and history

Machine Control

  • Pellet Press, Extruder, Expander, Dryer Cooler, Hammermill and Rollermill controls
  • Local Operator stations
  • Feed forward temperature compensation algorithm
  • Liquid addition
  • Consumable Parts tracking (dies, rollers, cones, plates) Historical and Real-time Trending
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