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Automation Control Systems - Feedmill & Batching Control System

Probatch, The Flexible Control System is an automation control system that can be tailored to suit your application. These can be used for any feedmill control system & batching control system with our
module integration.

The overall system architecture has three separate components:

  • B&R PLC for switching and control
  • PC Graphical User Interface software in the automation control system that allows the operator to interact, direct and extract information from the process;
  • Relational Database Management software to provide quick reliable access to all the real-time and historical plant data.

Modules are available to control batching i.e. batch control system or feedmill control system, intake,
grain processing (grinding, rolling), pelleting, finished product, outloading, weighbridge, purchase orders,
sales orders and inventory management.

A feedmill or batching control system can be a indespensible tool to manage stock intake and batching processes to ensure minimal spillages and the most precise weight management. Automation control systems can be used across a large range of applications. Contact us today to find out how ProBatch
can help you.

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